World Congress of Families VIII - Moscow, 2014

World Congress of Families VIII - Moscow, 2014

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During organization of the World Congress of Families VII in Sydney (Australia), in May 2013, the international organizing committee of the World Congress of Families, which includes representatives of Russian civil society, made the final decision to conduct the World Congress of Families VIII in Moscow, the capital of Russia.

Choice of Moscow as the place to organize the next Congress is connected to serious steps in our country at the national and international levels aimed at protection of the natural family, family and moral values. Efforts of representatives of Russian society, Russian pro-family organizations defending the priority of marriage and family, parental rights and the sovereignty of the family, the right of children to live with their family, with father and mother, spiritual and moral foundations of human society were highly praised by WCF organizing committee.

Back in the beginning of 2013, Larry Jacobs, the Executive Director of the World Congress of Families, noted representing the position of the Congress:"We’re convinced that Russia does and should play a very significant role in defense of the family and moral values worldwide, Russia has become a leader of promoting these values in the international arena.

Representative of the World Congress of Families in the Russian Federation and CIS countries is Alexey Komov. Russians also represent WCF as goodwill ambassadors to the UN and European structures. The World Congress of Families actively cooperates with such significant Russian pro-family charitable and civic organizations and initiatives as the Foundation of Saint All-praised Andrew the Apostle, Saint Basil the Great Charitable Foundation, Family and Demography Foundation named after holy patrons of the family in Russia St. Peter and Fevronia, Sanctity of Motherhood Program, Advocacy Group "FamilyPolicy.Ru”.

Preparation of World Congress of Families VIII to be held in Moscow on September 10-12, 2014, conducted jointly by Russian and international WCF organizing committees. The official website of the Congress,,will provide information on the preparations for this major event.

The preparatory measures, summits, conferences and forums on various topics related to the protection and strengthening of family are taken during WCF VIII movement, which already involves a broad range of public figures, politicians, scientists, business executives.

As it is usually is, in 2014, the Congress will bring together people of different political views and ideologies that share one common goal: to protect and strengthen the family, marriage, parenthood and the moral grounds of society. Therewith, WCF basic principles, as reflected in the outcome documents of the previous Congresses, remain unchanged and are shared by all participants. Among them is the recognition of the family based on marriage between man and woman, "the natural and fundamental group unit of society” (Universal Declaration of Human Rights), which has the right to be protected by society and the state, respect for the sovereignty of the family and the rights of parents, parenthood and large families, the traditional family, moral and religious values.

Thousands of delegates will participate in the Congress: scientists, politicians, public and religious leaders of Russia and different neighbouring countries and beyond. After all, to participate in the World Congress of Families means to get the opportunity to be at the epicenter of the international pro-family movement, share and gain experience in a circle of like-minded people. It is not by coincidence that referring to the organizers and participants of the World Congress of Families VII, held in 2013, Kirill, the Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia, noted that "the Congress has approved itself as a reputable international discussion forum, a club of like-minded persons defending the traditional understanding of family and family values”.

We invite you to become the part of this outstanding event!

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